About the Institute of Judicial Conduct

The Institute of Judicial Conduct (“IJC”) is first private organization dedicated to investigating and reporting on how the federal judge use conscious wrongdoing to deliberately and maliciously affect citizens’ liberty and constitutional rights.

IJC origins are in its founder’s, Manuel P. Asensio,  investigation of over 120 New York state seniors government officials that operate in the state justice department under rules that were secretly created and secretly promulgated by the state’s chief judge. These illegitimate rules do not exist in any of New York’s state legal text.  Yet the governor and state attorney have allowed the chief judge to operate under these   These 120 state officials then are sanctioned to operate outside of law, to use summary actions, including contempt actions, to force payment to politically appointed court operative in violation of law, to deprive state citizens of due process, their liberty[1] and protection from illegal government action.[2]

IJC was formed when Mr. Asensio learned, as incredible as it sounds, that the federal judge’s had fabricated without a trace of authority or foundation, a prejudicial Article III disclaimer of mandatory jurisdiction over create constitutional claims against states.  The federal judges, and their advocates in academic and in the federal bar, refer to this outside of law scheme as the Domestic Relations Exception to Federal Subject Matter Jurisdiction (“DRE”).  The federal judges actually use their own invention, the DRE, to protect the state’s chief judge’s inventions. Namely, rules the create to operate state domestic relations processes without jurisdiction, authority or power, and without official disclosure to the state’s legislatures, executive or New York’s citizens.

The Declaration of Independence warns us that we as people “are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which [we] are accustomed.” The “evils” of which our Founding Fathers warned us are violations of our “inalienable” natural rights.  Our natural rights are not dependent on law; they are given to us by our Creator, and not at all by government. There are no more powerful or more legally secure and protected natural rights than the right to teach our children our religious, moral and political beliefs, and to have access to a fair and impartial judge[3]  at the federal level to protect us for state judges that dare infringe on our constitutional liberty.

Instead of being stricter constitutionalist, more vigilant and diligent in cases concerning domestic relations, the federal judges have invented the absurd and arsine DRE.  Through the DRE has effectively allowed state chief judges to eradicate all widely held beliefs of due process rules in domestic relations. [4]

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