Board of Directors & Special Advisor

Manuel P. Asensio, Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director

Manuel P. Asensio is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Asensio & Company.  Asensio is recognized as the Pioneer of Information Arbitrage by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). The NBER is nation’s leading nonprofit economic research organization.[1] Mr. Asensio directed the investigation into New York State’s operation of a corrupt family law court system. This investigation commenced on May 15, 2014. It led to the discovery of the DRE fraud at the Judicial Conference of the US (Conference). The DRE fraud  is led by the  chief justice acting as the presiding officer of the Conference.  Many persons including the nation’s top legal scholars  who know the DRE is a fraud are complicity in its existence. Mr. Asensio to discovered that the responsibility for the New York State judicial corruption that he experienced on May 15, 2014 rested with Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.’s misconduct at the Judicial Conference of the US.  Roberts is the Conference’s presiding officer who is solely responsible for authorizing the policy making and judicial use of the fabricated and pernicious DRE against the American people’s liberties and rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Mr. Asensio holds an Undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1982. Below this section are links to documents supporting Mr. Asensio’s professional and personal biography.

[1.] Founded in 1920 and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the NBER is “the nation’s leading nonprofit economic research organization. Twenty-four Nobel Prize winners in economics and thirteen past chairs of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers have been researchers at the NBER . . . [t]he more than 1,300 professors of economics and business now teaching at colleges and universities in North America who are NBER researchers are the leading scholars in their fields . . . [t]he NBER is governed by a board of directors with representatives from the leading US research universities and major national economics organizations.”

Pastor Stephen E. Broden, Director

Pastor Stephen E. Broden is a founded the Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in 1987 and serves as its Senior Pastor. He is also the President of the Fair Park Friendship Center and its Executive Director. Broden has lived in the Dallas, Texas area for more than 30 years. Pastor Broden a member Senate Republican Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Texas.

Pastor Broden was awarded “Champion of the Republican Party” by the NRCC Business Advisory Council Texas He has received the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award and has served as Republican Precinct Chairman in DeSoto, Texas. Pastor Broden is a founder of Ebony Berean, an organization that informs African-American Pastors of the Culture War and a speaker for the Tea Party movement. He is a spokesman for the black pro-life-movement in Dallas.  Pastor Borden worked for 10 years for the Atlantic Richfield Company in human resources.

In 2010, Pastor Broden ran for Congress in Texas’ 30th congressional district for the US House of Representatives. Pasted Broden graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor and then a Master of Arts degree in Communication. He later received a Master of Arts in Bible Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Father Eduardo Fabian Arias, Director

Pastor at Saint Peter’s Church at the Citigroup Center building in New York City. Counselor and Pastor to Hispanic and immigrants community at Saint Peter’s Church. Professor in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Neuquen, Argentina Law School.

Hatun Aytug, Director

Ms. Aytug is a senior executive in design and supply chain management.  Ms. Aytug is the head of product design for The Limited.  Before she held top level management positions at PVH Corp, Levi Strauss & Co., American Eagle, Polo Ralph Lauren and Alex Wang and owns !dea Generation, LLC a consulting and investment company in internet ventures in fashion industry.

Ms. Aytug is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design – The New School.

Mitchell Cantor, Director

Mr. Cantor attorney is the principal the Law Offices of Mitchell Cantor in New York specializing in real estate, art law and commercial litigation. He has done pioneering legal work in judicial conduct in appeal and constitutional court with Mr. Asensio.  He joined the organization two years after Mr. Asensio commence his investigation on May 15, 2014.

Mr. Cantor holds a BA and BS degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a JD from Temple University Law School.

Special Advisor

Greg Hill, Special Advisor

Greg is the author of “Our Children Have Rights: Child Custody for Unwed Father” and owner of Our Children Have Rights LLC.  He has over 8 years experience as an IT Security Professional and is currently and IT consultant at Richard Fleischman and Associates.

Greg holds a Bachelor in Business Administration in Economics from Kennesaw State University.

Dan Rodriguez, Co-Founder of the Committee for a Common Sense Judiciary

Dan is President and CEO of MGR Group, a strategy firm that provides marketing, crisis management and brand reputation management services, along with media and government relations, to global firms. 


Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Communications from Fordham University and a Masters in Public Administration from Baruch College, CUNY and was the youngest person to be selected a National Urban Fellow. 


Mr. Asensio holds a BSE degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School in 1977 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1982. He is the founder of Asensio & Company, LLC<> and has a distinguished career in finance History |<>  as Wall Street’s “Pioneer of Information Arbitrage.”  Pioneer of Information Arbitrage |<>  The New York Times labeled my work in this area of finance “something radical and remarkable” in 1998.  In 2014 the National Bureau of Economic Research published a research paper titled How Constraining Are Limits to Arbitrage (<> affirming Mr. Asensio’s pioneer status in the informational arbitrage field. In 2016 Mr. Asensio formed the Institute of Judicial Conduct. Institute of Judicial Conduct – “Neither America nor Americans are prejudice, It is the federal judges who are prejudice, bigoted and out of order.” Manuel P. Asensio, Founder<> and in 2018 Mr. Asensio launched the nation’s first criminal indifference to constitutional rights case against the DRE. The story of this case is depicted in the post-election edition of a comic that is before Congress and is titled “Trump Unites All Americans.” This case is a short-sale of illegal policy making and enforcement by the federal judges against family and individual liberty.  It is referenced as the Asensio v. Roberts-DiFiore conduct case at the US Judicial Conference. Mr. Asensio is a Cuban refugee from the Bay of Pigs era. 80f5c888-12ae-4b0f-ae97-ddeed84a6ebd.jpg (768×1024) (<>  He began his journey to America at the age of 6 on May 15, 1961. This was two weeks after the Bay of Pigs invasion. 52d30b26-88de-4430-9890-0edfaa459731.jpg (768×1024) (<> Mr. Asensio’s visa to leave Cuba was issued on April 17, 1961 that was 5 days before the invasion. 52d30b26-88de-4430-9890-0edfaa459731.jpg (768×1024) (<>  He was admitted into the US on August 15, 1961. 9c57f42b-62f5-4554-9ecd-4f48fb91d221-1.jpg (768×1024) (<> 7ae7e3a0-a83d-477f-9ba4-d84cb8de4b19.jpg (768×1024) (<>

Below are links to the only three interviews Mr. Asensio has granted on the Roberts-Barr matters:

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