Domestic Relations Exception – Academic Articles

Below are article written by Academics that discuss federal jurisdiction and the domestic relations exception. Click on the title of the report to view and download a copy.

Academic Articles:

  1. Karla Doe. Let’s Not Throw Out the Baby with the Bathwater: A Uniform Approach to the Domestic Relations Exception. 67 Emory L.J. 1077 (2018). 
  2. Joseph Carroll, Family Law Is Not “Civil”: The Faulty Foundation Of The Domestic Relations Exception To Federal Jurisdiction. Dickinson School of Law, Penn. St. U. American Bar Association. (2017)[1]
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  5. Steven G. Calabresi & Genna L. Sinel, The Same-Sex Marriage Cases and Federal Jurisdiction: On Third-Party Standing and Why the Domestic Relations Exception to Federal Jurisdiction Should Be Overruled. 70 Miami L. Rev. 708 (2016).
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[1] Mr. Carroll won the First-Place award in the 2017 American Bar Association Schwab Essay Contest, providing the harshest criticism of the Domestic Relations Exception by an Academic.