Robert’ Insidious Crimes Against Children

The co-chair of the Federalist Society, Steven G. Calabres, has  concluded that  “We conclude that the domestic relations exception to federal jurisdiction is an archaic, historical remnant that should be overruled by the U.S. Supreme Court, and thus, the Article III federal courts have jurisdiction to hear pure marital status cases despite their domestic nature. We call on the Supreme Court to eliminate the domestic relations exception as to all forms of federal jurisdiction.”

The truth is that the DRE is a deliberate and malicious fraud created by Roberts at the Judicial Conference of the US through concealed, illegal and unauthorized policy making for the explicit and malicious purpose of allowing state government to fraudulently assert jurisdiction over the American people’s unassailable constitutional liberties and freedoms that government, especially judges, cannot control or regulate no matter what process is provide.  Click here to learn about ROBERTS’S DRE FRAUD AND COVER UP

Even worse than using the DRE to steal private property, and destroy families, and a parent’s right to pass on his religious faith and political beliefs, some lawyers, judges and law school professor have gone to the extent of questioning the entire “notion” of parental rights, and even the right of human beings to procreate without government approval.  This are the type of discussions that American taxpayers are pay for at the Judicial Conference of the US, and the result in insane acts such as the DRE.

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