Roberts’s criminal conduct at the Judicial Conference and the Administrative Office of the US

“Roberts is leading the greatest cover up in human history. He is acting high-handedly, as if he is not the one and only US official responsible for abrogating the great notions of liberty embedded in Declaration of Independence, the virtues, reasoning and principles found in the Federalist papers, freedoms in the Constitution, and the three pillars of any democratic government, mutual consultation and respect, access and transparency, for all Americans in US courts.”  Manuel P. Asensio, the founder of  the Institute of Judicial Conduct (IJC). The cover-up is of my testimony seeking relief and redress in US Courts from Roberts criminal conduct. The Institute is seeking to inform American and solve to the problem for our great nation so no chief justice can commit these devilish crimes.

I make this testimonial statement based on my knowledge of criminal proceedings against Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.’s conduct at the Administrative Office (AOC) and Judicial Conference of the US Courts (Conference). The investigations are being administrated under the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980 (Act).  US Attorneys General William P. Barr is personally involved in the proceedings and has personal jurisdiction over Roberts and his  conduct.

IJC has been advised that President Donald J. Trump received IJC’s brief on Roberts’s conduct in the New York DRE case. The DRE case is the nation’s first criminal indifference to civil rights case involving Roberts’s criminal use of his limited statutory executive police power provided to Roberts under the Act. President Trump received the brief at the “Roundtable on Transition to Greatness: Rebuilding and Renewing” held at the Gateway Church (Dallas Campus) on June 12, 2020. IJC provided President Trump’s White House Counsel with the brief under a resolution that addresses Roberts’s use of his police power to engage in policy making.

Roberts is illegally using his executive control of the AOC and Conference to abrogate constitutional rights, to coerce Americans and to personally attack Americans without neutral principles. Roberts has supplanted neutral principles with Roberts’s oppressive DRE policy.

Mr. Asensio states, “The cover up of the Roberts’s criminal policy making and authorization of criminal judicial conduct by the federal judges in the lower courts is being done by the federal and state judges, the nation’s law professors, and bar associations and their members. This cover up can easily be described as the greatest crime ever perpetrated by a judge against a democracy in the annals of history.  It is a crime against a free people who organized themselves under a constitutional republican  democracy to protect their freedom by limiting government. Here one man has used his limited police authority to coerce good virtuous Americans of virtue who have broken no law, done no wrong, nor cause harm to any other person’s rights.”

Barr has noted that the federal judges are engaged in a “monstrous invasion of religious liberty,” and are systematically shredding moral norms, undermining the rule of law, and using law as a battering ram in coerce Americans.

Mr. Asensio added, “Roberts’s criminal conduct in the New York State DRE cases proves that Barr’s assessment true. Roberts will do anything to advance his radical secularist agenda including deliberate “violation of laws and legal standards and practices that protect truth and fairness to achieve their leftist goals.””