Pioneer of Informational Arbitrage Files Monumental Civil Rights Complaint

Manuel P. and Eva Asensio’s Suit Seeks to Upend Hypocritical ‘Domestic Relations Exception’ Loophole that Shields New York State Chief Judge Janet M. DiFiore from Federal Scrutiny


Manuel P. Asensio, President, Asensio & Company LLC, a pioneer of informational arbitrage strategies, has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York under civil docket number 18-CV-10933 Asensio, et al v. DiFiore, et al. The action takes aim at the US Supreme Court’s so-called “domestic relations exception (“DRE”) to federal subject matter jurisdiction.” The arcane DRE is purportedly based on a 160 year-old case. Asensio calls the DRE “a prejudicial expansion of government hidden under the US Supreme Court’s Anti-American disclaimer of Article III jurisdiction.” Charging conscious individual wrongdoing, Asensio names Janet DiFiore, Chief Judge of New York State, as lead defendant.

In discovery phase ahead of the filing of the suit, Asensio’s research uncovered that in New York alone the DRE is responsible for an estimated $350 million in annual unauthorized court-ordered fees for attorneys and legal guardians inserted into cases as political agents who intervene in family privacy and violate Americans’ most essential liberties without apprehensions.

The DRE permits Chief Judge DiFiore to conceal her malicious scheme against civil and constitutional rights in New York State. The suit relies on a pre-trial investigation of Chief Judge DiFiore’s judicial regulatory system that uncovered rampant deliberate judicial misconduct, a labyrinth of unlawful fee-revenue schemes couched as domestic relations protocols as well as a range of serious civil rights violations rooted in a system that has insulated itself from any meaningful oversight via the DRE.  The DRE makes it impossible for Americans to seek redress if he or she feels the state court has acted in bad faith and deliberately beyond the powers of government. Once inside the state’s court system, parties involved in routine, normal post-divorce custody proceedings face exalted state governments that deliberately prolong and complicate “justice processes” that puts lucrative fee and political power brokering squarely ahead of civil rights and the well-being of children involved.

“A central component of the DRE is the imposition of political operatives into families,” the complaint says.

“The DRE undermines constitutional and civil rights law and liberties that are indispensable to the survival of a free civil society,” Asensio said acknowledging the uphill climb he faces just securing parenting rights for his daughter let alone taking on New York State and the entire federal court system. “There are hundreds of thousands of state residents who have been stripped of their US citizenship rights right here on American soil and have come out the other side – financially and emotionally broken and estranged from their children. And it has to end. This is a first step.”

The above $350 million estimate for New York State does not include wide-spread abuses of Title IV-D federal funding. This is believed to be the most thorough accounting of the sums of money involved in the broken system; Asensio’s background as a short seller allowed him to analyze the entire maze of judges, officials, and policies, as he would a toxic company whose shares he intended to short, he explains.

To obtain a copy of the suit, go to https://judicialconduct.org/federal-civil-rights-complaint/

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