The Federal Judicial Mania Behind the Socialists Assault on your American Liberties

Anyone who uses absurd excuses and political nonsense to infringed on you and your family’s private privileges and property is engaged in acts that are not just violating the US Constitution. They are perpetrating acts of moral turpitude.

This includes federal judges who use processes that are entirely outside of law to attack you and your family feelings about family, God, and America. These are spiritual and relative matters.  They cannot be ruled by neutral principles therefore they cannot be regulated and are off limits to any form of democratic government based on law, much less a government operating under the US Constitution. This applies directly to US federal judges.

So where do the leftists in America get their power to abrogate the Constitution and violate your moral core? The US Judicial Conference. It is an agency of the federal government controlled by 14 of the nation’s 2,400 or so federal judges.  At the Judicial Conference, these 14 judges bargain with your rights.  They make secret deals without notice behind closed doors.  They call them “judicial policies.”  Yet these lawless policies control what happens to you, your rights, your stories, and your beliefs when you seek relief in Federal District Courts and Courts of Appeals.  They also decide what gets into the US Supreme Court and how it will be decided.

This is where the Leftists, the Socialists and the Marxists in America get their credibility and power to harass you with non-sense and absurdities, to infringe on your most personal and unassailable constitutional liberties and freedoms. This is where Americans ordinary social standards and security and stabilized are assaulted and the media’s maniacal cancel culture originates.

This is where 14 judges use discretion, and lawyers allow them to use discretion, to act dishonestly, and to ignore morality, law, truth, and reason with no consideration for the Constitution, you, or your family.  This is how a federal judge get to violate the separation of church and state, and ignore the separation of powers doctrines. This is the illegitimate power becomes a supreme power that is unchecked will control even the occupant of the Office of the American Presidency this republic’s  only nationwide elected government official.

This is where the notion of judicial supremacy is placed far over the individual’s ability to discern the truth.

The harm wrought by the US Judicial Conference can be seen in the real-life story of Eva Asensio, her mother, Emilie Marie Bosak, and her father, IJC’s Founder, Manuel P. Asensio. Their story exposes the realities of illegitimate power that destroys the reasoning, facts, factors, and circumstances that are the truth and morality of any matter.  Their story reveals how federal judges allowed New York State’s Leftist regime to destroy an American child’s innocence; to destroy her desire to seek the truth herself using her own reasoning; to shunt her ability to know the power of moral reasoning; to scorn her love of God, faith, and the sanctity of family; to denigrate the benefits of free markets and capitalism; and most importantly to crush her love for independence, individuality, liberty, freedom, and belief in wisdom and righteousness of America’s truly revolutionary and victorious Founding Fathers and our Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.

The Asensio-Bosak Consideration is a real-life story of how these 14 federal judges are deliberately allowing New York State’s leftist to fabricate crimes of moral turpitude against the American family.  It is the story of how law, civility and reason is being destroyed at the US Judicial Conference.  It is the story of how the federal judges are allowing one leftist state to coerce Americans in order to take control of their most precious and unassailable human rights.

The Consideration uses a comic book story to expose how the US attorney general and the chief justice who controls the US Judicial Conference interfered in the Asensio-Bosak constitutional matter and their conflict with the Office of the American Presidency.

The Asensio-Bosak Consideration connects the US Judicial Conference directly to magistrate working in an inferior limited jurisdiction state court that lies deep within New York State’s leftist regime.  It reveals how Leftist states are permitted to use deliberate lawbreaking and judicial misconduct to advance their leftist agenda.

You can read the Consideration of the nation’s first criminal indifference to civil rights action to defend father’s rights by clicking on the links below.

The Consideration of Americans’ Most Precious and Unassailable Human Rights.

Trump versus the Federal Judges the comic book story filed in the Consideration as Annex 2 in three parts.

Annex 1: The Investigatory Work of the Institute of Judicial Conduct. 

Annex 2 Part 1: The Trump Presidency vs. the Federal Judges Part 1

Annex 2 Part 2: The Trump Presidency vs. the  Federal Judges Part 2

Annex 2 Part 3: The Trump Presidency vs. the Federal Judges Part 3

Annex 3: Statements about the Federal Judges by Bill Barr

Annex 4: Press Release Notices to Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.