The DRE complaints are filed under the “Judicial Council Reform and Judicial Conduct and Disability Act” of 1980 (US Code, Title 28 Judiciary and Judicial Procedure, Part I: Organization of Courts, Chapter 16, titled “Complaints against Judges and Judicial Discipline” [§§ 351–364]; hereafter Conduct Act) [Note ]. The Conduct Act states that any person may file a complaint alleging that a federal judge has engaged in conduct prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of justice.

The intent of Congress and President James E. Carter (in signing the Conduct Act) was for the American people to have an absolute, simple and effective recourse against federal judicial misconduct [Note ]. Further, the Conferences and Councils of Judges Law (Council Act) establishes that the presiding judge of the US Judicial Conference is the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts, and grants him exclusive jurisdiction over the Conduct Act.

As the presiding judge of the US Judicial Conference, Chief Justice Roberts not only controls the Conduct and Council Acts but also controls the administration of the “Rules Enabling Act of 1934” (US Code [USC] Title 28 §§2071 to §2077 [Rules Act]) and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). This is how Chief Justice Roberts operates the enforcement machine in secret.

The Conduct, Council, and Rules Acts and the FRCP are intended to be an effective safeguard preventing Chief Justice Roberts from affecting US rights without legal authority. However, legal experts have labeled this idea as “absurd” and as “political nonsense” [Note ]. The DRE is proof that Chief Justice Roberts is using supposedly innocuous “housekeeping” authority to eviscerate the rule of law through exercising “decisions, interred by antipathy” and through deliberately allowing federal judges to “tread on contested fact issues” [Note ].

Americans have authority over federal judges. They have the power through the Judicial Conduct Act.

Hon. John G. Roberts Jr.'s Impeachable Conduct to Protect the DRE​

The complaint concerns Chief Justice Roberts Jr.'s collusion with the two federal judges that are members of the US Judicial Conference

Federal Civil Rights Complaint

This citizens' federal complaint is charging the US Supreme Court with direct responsibly for their damages to the American people

Topsy-Turvy Chief Judges

The Investigative Report details the Organized Corrupt Judging system that state Chief Judges have constructed

“AOC is incapable of comprehending she is a lawbreaker. Why? Her social learning. AOC is a product of federal judicial corruption. If our federal judges are anti-democratic, anti-constitutionalist lawbreakers, what can we expect from our youth? Don’t forget. America is a “Constitutional Democracy.” Not AOC’s free-for-all playground.”

Manuel P. Asensio


Institute of Judicial Conduct

We the People must be assured that the Executive and Congress has effect power to regulate federal judges that take unauthorized actions, action that are clearly outside of their authority and/or jurisdiction. These is especially important in any matter affecting American Liberty and Freedom at all, no matter what process is provided, this includes family independence that are far more precious than property rights. These are freedoms and liberties with which neither public power nor majorian views can interfere. These are Americans’ most sacred privacies that are beyond the legitimate powers of government to regulate.

U.S. Supreme Court Under Scrutiny

Pioneer of Informational Arbitrage Files Monumental Civil Rights Complaint Manuel P. and Eva Asensio’s Suit Seeks to Upend Hypocritical ‘Domestic...

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