The Institute of Judicial Conduct (“IJC”) (IJC) is the nation’s leading independent authority on the DRE (Endnote ), the legislative history, and operation of the Judicial Conduct Act (Act) , the federal statutory position of the presiding officer of the Judicial Conference (Conference), the Conference and the Judicial Councils.

John G. Roberts, Jr. (Roberts) is the presiding officer of the Conference, the control person of the Administrative Office of the US Courts, and the chair of the Federal Judiciary Center and the Federal Judiciary Center Foundation, at the same time that he is the chief justice of the US Supreme Court.

This provides Roberts with the opportunity to fabricate policies without an iota of constitutional, statutory, political or democratic power, and to arrange to enforce these illegitimate policies  through organized deliberate and malicious lawbreaking and violation of the norms, principles and cannons of law, truth and reason.

Simply stated, Roberts has the opportunity to meet privately at the Conference with the nation’s 13 chief judge of the nation’s circuit courts who are also the chief judges of the nation’s US Circuit Courts of Appeals, and privately fabricate policies and to privately fabricated exceptions to judicial conduct rules and laws to allow all the federal judges at the nation’s 94 trial courts, the US District Courts, to break laws and act fraudulent in order to harm Americans and their constitutional rights, liberties and freedoms.

I am an investment professional known as the Pioneer of Information Arbitrage. On May 15, 2014, I commenced an investigation into the source of judicial and government corruption in New York State that I witnessed and experienced. I investigated and identified over 120 senior state officials that designed, organized and operated New York State’s family law courts where ai observed the overt government corruption.

Ultimately, I discovered the government corruption I observed and experienced in New York State was made possible by the federal judges’ operation of their so-called Domestic Relations and Violence Exception (DRE) fabricated policy.

I founded IJC in 2016 to protect my constitutional rights to be a father to my daughter, Eva Asensio, from the fabricated DRE policy and Roberts’ misconduct at the Conference.

In 2018 I filed the nation’s criminal indifference of constitutional rights, which is the DRE case. The DRE case seeks to abrogate what the federal judge call a domestic relations [and domestic violence] exception [DRE] to federal subject matter jurisdiction” and the federal judges’ false and preposterously prejudicial predicate that the DRE is a  “legitimate judicial doctrine of deference to federalism in family law.” 

I promise you that we will fight the federal judges, the members of the state and federal bar associations, the associations themselves, law school academics, and the judicial policy organization that preserve, protect and perpetuate the DRE and the ability of Roberts to engage in illegal and illegitimate policymaking at the Conference.

I promise you that we will work so that Americans’ come to know and understand the DRE and “Remember the DRE” as emblem of the truth that federal judicial corruption does exist and that this corruption has damaged the fiber of the Constitution. That Americans do not have to tolerate judicial gamesmanship with their freedom and liberty under the Constitution.   That the American President must use his constitutional powers and the Act to regulate Roberts’s executive conduct in the US courts’ private machinery. That the American people themselves must confront the federal judges directly with their power and the Act. That Americans do not need to suffer the chaos created by federal judicial dishonest, unreasonable and corrupt conduct. And above all, that no American family, man, woman or child will ever again suffer the pain of that arises from federal judges that illegally abolished their individual rights to seek relief and redress in US courts from vicious state government corruption.

On behalf of the IJC, my daughter, Eva Asensio, thank you for visiting the Institute of Judicial Conduct’s website and God Bless our exceptional America and its glorious Declaration of Independence, Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Yours truly,

Manuel P. Asensio, Founder and President