The Institute of Judicial Conduct (IJC) was formed to address fatal defects in the “Judicial Council Reform and Judicial Conduct and Disability Act of 1980” (Act). The defects in the Act, and the rules that were enacted in 2008 to govern this Act, give the chief justice of the US Supreme Court absolute power over the policing of federal and state judicial conduct. The chief justice yields this absolute power privately as the presiding judge of the US Judicial Conference. It is an unalterable axiom of American liberty that no government office and no government official can have absolute power. Yet acting as the presiding judge of the US Judicial Conference, he chief justice of the US Supreme Court has absolute control the line between making policies of the US Courts and Americans’ fundamental liberty and rights, and judicial conduct.

The Act must be modified. We the People must be assured that Congress has effect power to take direct authority over federal judicial criminal and malicious conduct.  We the People must have a verifiable guarantee that Congress fulfills its first and most important constitutional responsibly to preserve Americans’ Fundamental Liberty that cannot be codified, governed, regulated or administered by any government process, at all.  We the People must have a verifiable guarantee that Congress has and will takes effective and absolute control of policing, investigating, governing, regulating, punishing and removing any federal  judges based on the same process that any Americans faced if they engage in deliberate and malicious conduct to impose themselves on another’s liberty and rights, or if they engage in criminal and illegal acts.

IJC is the first tax-exempt organization dedicated to stopping US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Grover Roberts, Jr. from continuing to use his control of the nation’s Judicial Conference of the United State to allow federal judges to partner with state judges to commit crimes against Americans’ religions and private property rights and the privacy of their families. This is destabilizing the peace and security of hard-working Americans. For more information on the nature of Chief Justice Roberts’ fraudulent conduct, please click the “About” button on the top of this page.

Chief Justice Roberts is allowing federal judges to commit crimes against normal respectful God-fearing hard-working tax-paying Americans on one side. And fraud in favor of individuals that do not honor the value of work and the virtues and principles embodied in the constitution on the other.  Chief Justice Roberts’ deliberate and malicious use of his control of the Judicial Conference to allow federal judicial interference with our Nation’s most important rights, the liberty, and freedom we enjoy in our family and in our own homes.

IJC is focused on actively prosecuting  complaints against the federal judiciary under the authority of the 96th Congress’ US Public Law 96-458 titled the “Judicial Council Reform and Judicial Conduct and Disability Act of 1980.” [28 U.S.C. §§ 351–364] These claims must be directed at the US Supreme Court Chief Judge, John G. Roberts, Jr., who is the Presiding Justice of the Judicial Conference of the United States. Under the US Supreme Court Chief Judge’s authority, the members of the Judicial Conference have fabricated a disclaimer of their own jurisdiction over state violations of civil rights in matters related to our family unity and freedom.

The IJC is dedicated to organizing all American citizens, of every age, race or creed, to become directly active in the process of controlling federal judicial fraudulent conduct independently through the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980. It is a citizen duty be exercised with strict independence from the legal process by the self-governed people power that is inherent in every American citizen.

The time is now to end federal judicial fraud. 

The US Supreme Court Chief Judge, the Judicial Conference, and the federal judges have designed and are operating a disclaimer of “domestic relations exception to federal subject matter jurisdiction (the “DRE”).  The federal judges have done this without giving notice to US citizens, the President or Congress of the DRE or the Judicial Conference’s rulemaking under the DRE. Thus, the DRE and its rulemaking are deliberate and unauthorized acts taken by the federal judges without notice for the purpose of avoiding the US Constitution’s legislation, regulation, and oversight requirements.

The DRE is not an “exception to subject matter jurisdiction” at all. It is the opposite. It is a concealed and illegitimate granting of jurisdiction by federal judges to state judges over subject matter that neither of them has any authority to regulate.  The DRE is a flimflam.  It is a scheme by the federal judges to allow states to invade Americans’ privacy for the deliberate evil purpose of disturbing, disrupting, agitating and aggravating their peaceful, civil co-existence as equal Americans under the US Constitution.

There is nothing in the US Constitution or law that gives the Hon. Justice, the Judicial Conference or the federal judges the authority to have fabricated the DRE. Nor do the federal judges have the right to fabricate understandings with state judges and lawyers to use the DRE as if it were authentic or legitimate. Nor to the federal judges have authority to cause conflicts and confrontations among Americans by placing any American above another American in US Courts, or above the law, because of their sex, creed, race, color, sexual orientation or politics.

The DRE is not only a conceal and unauthorized act.  The DRE is the product of a concerted and collaborative effort by the federal and state judiciaries to violate the constitution’s separation of powers. The DRE is a backward scheme to fabricate unauthorized regulation of essential individual freedoms that neither the federal nor state judiciary have any authority to assume.

The DRE is a usurpation of US citizens’ Article III federal jurisdiction our basic citizenship right that provides US citizens with their only protection against state judicial corruption and state interference with civil rights.

Organized conduct violations by federal judges allow them to commit actual constitutional fraud to take Americans’ highest individual freedoms and liberty. One example is their prejudicial disclaimer of jurisdiction over  This is an area where no government at any level can have power or be given the power to control the desires, communications, duties or the habits of private families in their domestic intercourse.

Federal judicial fraud, acts of deliberate personal dishonest conduct by federal judges, in constitutional civil rights cases involving private families is the most serious, most dangerous and most insidious type of malicious government conduct facing all Americans in the 21st century. It involves the deliberate fabrication of legal actions that do not and cannot exist under any US and state law. This leaves Americans without legal recourse, therefore Americans must organize themselves.

Regulating federal judicial conduct is every individual Americans’ individual private duty.  Otherwise, Americans have no defense against it, no remedy from it other than the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980, and it directly affects every Americans’ rights to individual liberty and freedom.

It was Sir John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Alton (January 10, 1834 – June 19, 1902) who in 1887 wrote that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…[and that] there is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.”

Under the rules the federal judges themselves created to enforce the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980 there is no way for Americans to protect themselves from fraud in constitutional cases.

Not only do the federal judges protect themselves but they protect state judges. This leaves Americans with no protection against federal or state judges who act fraudulently.

In 1858, Twenty-nine years before Sir Dalberg-Alton penned his most famous words, the US Supreme Court ruled that the government must not  “assume to regulate domestic relations of society.” It spoke of this type of regulation as an “inquisitorial authority.”  The Court added that a state cannot give its judges any authority over its citizens’ “morals and habits and affections or antipathies” without seeking the authority of the United States.

In the 21st century, federal judges are using this same 1858 ruling to grant state judges absolute government power over American citizens’ domestic relations.

In 1980 Americans’ criticism of federal judges spurred Congress to pass the Judicial Conduct Act. The federal judges took 28 years to create rules to govern themselves under the law. These rules have not prevented federal judges from engaging in fraudulent conduct to allow state judges to violently intrude in American private lives.

Federal judicial false empowerment has reached a point that the federal judges have secretly created an illegal scheme to entirely abrogate American’s constitutional rights and most precious liberties in their own family lives.
The federal judges call their illegal false empowerment scheme the “domestic relations exception to federal subject matter jurisdiction. The IJC uses the acronym “DRE”

The DRE is an extraordinary example of organized fraudulent conduct by federal judges against all Americans, their constitution and president, and congress..

IJC was formed to organize Americans to directly and definitively put an end to the DRE, and with it to impose strict binding rules under the Judicial Council Reform Act of 1980 to prevent organized federal judicial corruption in the future.

The DRE proves the extent to which the federal judges have gone outside of the jurisdiction and law. Each and every American must take control of their individual responsibility to be self-governed, to be free, to protect their liberty.

American we will not recover their liberty and freedom until they take control over fraudulent conduct by federal judges.

The time is now to end federal judicial fraud.

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