Welcome to Institute of Judicial Conduct (IJC ) an organization dedicated to permanently closing off any possible opportunity for the federal judges to use the Judicial Conference of the US (Conference) and the Administrative Office of the US Court (AOC) to openly engage in criminal conduct to openly engage in the fabrication of any so-called policy, doctrine, dicta or rule, or create any mutual understandings or agreements among themselves to use these to justify deliberately and malicious engaging in lawbreaking and fraudulent conduct in US Courts to govern the American people. 

IJC  is dedicated to permanently closing off any possible opportunity for the federal judges to in any way, shape or form consider much less fabricated any so-called policy, doctrine, dicta or rule, or create any mutual understandings or agreements among themselves that in any way remotely affects any individual Americans’ constitutional rights, freedoms and liberties, including, specifically and especially any Americans’ Article III rights based on subject matter, or that affects Americans’ unassailable right to sue their government with fear of retaliation, or that in any way affects the consideration of any fact, factor or circumstance relevant to a dispute, or the fairness and truth of any judgment.  

These restrictions on mutual understandings or agreements among the federal judges also apply to any discussions, understandings or agreements with the President of the US or any official in the Office of the American Presidency including the White House Counsel, any official of the Department of Justice, including the US Attorneys General, member of Congress, or any state chief judge, chief administrative judge, governor, or prosecutors, any other state politician, any state or federal bar association, or any member of these associations, any law professors, or legal or judicial policy organization.

Under the Constitution and US law, these restrictions on federal judicial lobbying, advocacy, and conduct conduct are axiomatic, mandatory and legally binding under the rule of law, and canons of truth, reason and fairness, and civil conduct that govern the federal judges regardless of any federal judge’s ideological, political or philosophical beliefs.

 IJC has captured the Hon. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. the chief justice of the US Supreme deliberately and maliciously breaking these laws as the presiding officer of the Conference and the US official who controls the AOC, Federal Judiciary Center and Federal Judiciary Center Foundation. Not only has Roberts been apprehended engaging in illegal policy making and fabricating illegal policies, Roberts has been captured interfering with US District and Conference proceedings to cover up lawbreaking. This lawbreaking can only be fairly and reasonably described as criminal conduct. 

Roberts’s policy making was discovered in that DRE case in New York State.  The DRE case seeks to permanently eradicate what the federal judge call a domestic relations [and domestic violence] exception [DRE] to federal subject matter jurisdiction” and that the federal judges fabrication of a false claim that the DRE is a  “legitimate judicial doctrine of deference to federalism in family law.”  The DRE case addresses a judicial corruption. It addresses exactly what Barr has defined as the leftist’s “monstrous government conduct.” This include the manufacturing of knowingly false criminal charges, fees, and other financial and emotional burdens, to coerce Americans into accepting leftist political ideology.

In fact, there is no such thing as a DRE and no such thing as the DRE can ever exist.  The DRE is an absolute fraud that can not be corrected, modified or altered in any way to be legal. It is nothing more than a federal judicial fraud that was manufactured, fabricated by the federal judges without any iota of authority and the most remote legitimate state purpose.

In addition to permanently eradicating the DRE fraud from American soil, IJC is dedicated to monitoring how the presiding judge preform of his duty and obligation to regulate police, and discipline the federal judges. This is absolutely necessary to protect the public at large from federal judges that fabricate authority over subject and person without authority.

I founded IJC in 2016. I am an investment professional known as the Pioneer of Information Arbitrage. On May 15, 2014, I commenced an investigation in the source of judicial and government corruption New York State that I witnessed and experienced. I had discovered and categorically identified the way  New York State organized its judicial fraud. I identified over 120 senior state officials that designed, organized and operated New York State’s fraudulent family law processes or systems. 

This investigation led to the discovery that Roberts was the sole US official responsible for the continued existence and use of the DRE, and the corruption that exist in New York State’s government under the protection of the DRE. Roberts the US official protecting the DRE and the New York State defendants at the Conference, and in US lower Courts. Of course, Roberts will also protect the DRE and the New York State defendants at the Supreme Court of the US.

 I promise you that we are fighting the federal judges, the members of the state and federal bar associations, the associations themselves, law school academics, and the judicial policy organization that oppose the Judaeo-Christian values, principles and beliefs that framed and established America, and that exist and are incorporated into the Founding Father’s Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and its Bill of Rights.

I promise you that we will work so that Americans’ come to know,  understand and “Remember the DRE” as emblem of the truth that federal judicial corruption does exist. That Americans do not have to tolerate judicial gamesmanship at all with their freedom and liberty under the Constitution.   That American can challenge federal judges directly using the Judicial Conduct Act. That Americans do not need to suffer the suffering and chaos created by federal judicial dishonest, unreasonable and corrupt conduct. And above all, that no American family, man, woman or child will ever again suffer the pain of learning that the federal judges have abolished their individual right to seek relief and redress in US courts from state government corruption.

On behalf of the IJC, my daughter, Eva Asensio, thank you for visiting and God Bless America.

Your truly,

Manuel P. Asensio