Welcome to the Institute of Judicial Conduct (IJC). I am its Founder.[i]  IJC is the nation’s leading independent authority on the statutes, rules and processes that regulate, and that are supposed to strictly govern, the conduct and actions of the federal judges, especially those of the US chief justice who is presently the Hon. John G. Roberts, Jr.

IJC possesses the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to analyze the actions taken by Chief Justice Roberts while acting in his various positions as the chairman of the board, presiding judge and chief executive officer of the US Judicial Conference, the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, and the Federal Judiciary Center, and its private funding source, the Federal Judiciary Center Foundation These are all supposedly ministerial, administrative, non-legal non-judicial positions. Under no circumstance, and for no reason, is the chief justice allowed to use these so called “housekeeping” authorities. Any such actions in absolute impermissible and unauthorized under law, therefore illegal and when used against Americans, it is criminal.

The IJC has applied its expertise to discover how Chief Justice Roberts takes advantage of the opportunity that his “housekeeping” positions provide him to fabricate so-called “policies” are actually illegitimate impermissible rules that are applied by the federal trial judges to govern Americans. These actions dramatically affect Americans’ rights under the Constitution and are by definition illegal. In practice that are the sanctioning of deliberate, malicious, and fraudulent joint federal and state judicial conduct.

IJC has discovered how Chief Justice Roberts used his “housekeeping” jobs to fabricate a DRE policy (Click here to see the definition of the DRE) that allows federal and state judges to act fraudulently in domestic relations cases. Chief Justice Roberts’s DRE policy sanctions federal judges to commit high crimes against the Constitution, all Americans and America’s constitutional democracy, and state judgers to committing these crimes of theft and manufacturing of crimes for the sole pernicious purpose of asserting jurisdiction over America’s most precious and unassailable rights and liberties

In the simplest of terms, the IJC has discovered that Chief Justice Roberts has taken advantage of his “housekeeping” job to fabricate absolute power for himself and used this undemocratic, unauthorized ill-gotten power to protects himself and the federal judges that perpetrate are denying his American victims any and all access to US justice.

The time is defend your constitutional rights against federal judicial fraud is right now. 

[i] The Founder of the IJC and the recognized Pioneer of Information Arbitrage https://asensio.com/category/pioneer-of-information-arbitrage/ and an expert in investigating institutionalized fraud in securities https://asensio.com/manuel-p-asensio-professional-biography/  The undersigned formed the IJC in 2016 in response to New York State refusal to remove a corrupt New York County magistrate, Adetokunbo Fasanya, from his simple, low-conflict, routine child custody matter. The undersigned, and his daughter, Eva Asensio, had filed a criminal complaint against Fasanya on May 15, 2014, and a civil rights action against for New York State on November 21, 2018, the day before Thanksgiving Day 2018.

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It was Sir John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Alton (January 10, 1834 – June 19, 1902) who in 1887 wrote that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…[and that] there is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.”

The Judicial Conduct Act of 1980 has deficiencies and the federal judges are using these to created act without authority, rythme or reason against Americans, and to protect themselves.

Not only do the federal judges protect themselves but they protect state judges. This leaves Americans with no protection against federal or state judges who act fraudulently.

In 1858, Twenty nine years before Sir Dalberg-Alton penned his most famous words, the US Supreme Court ruled that government must not  “assume to regulate domestic relations of society.” It spoke of this type of regulation as an “inquisitorial authority.”  The Court added that a state cannot give its judges any authority over its citizens’ “morals and habits and affections or antipathies” without seeking authority of the United States.

In the 21st century federal judges are using this same 1858 ruling to grant state judges absolute government power over American citizens’ domestic relations.

In the years immediately following the Watergate Scandal, Americans demanded that the right to remove federal judges. This was the purpose of the Judicial Conduct Act. The federal judges took 28 years to create rules to govern themselves under the law. These rules have not prevented federal judges from engaging in fraudulent and “illegal” conduct.

IJC was formed to organize Americans to directly and definitively put an end to the DRE, and with it to impose strict binding rules under the Judicial Council Reform Act of 1980 to prevent organized federal judicial corruption in the future.

The DRE proves the extent to which the federal judges have gone outside of their authority, their jurisdiction and the law. Each and every American must take control of their individual responsibility to be self-governed, to be free, to protect their liberty.

American we will not recover their liberty and freedom until they are save from deliberate, malicous, fraudulent conduct by federal judges.

The time is defend your constitutional rights against federal judicial fraud is right now..

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