The Institute of Judicial Conduct (“IJC”) is the nation’s leading authority on judicially fabricated political rules in the administrative parts of federal and state court systems.  These rules are not laws.  They cannot be used to govern, or make or effect any legal judgment in courts. However, once the federal and state judges agree to these fabricated rules, they are then able to both govern and fabricate judgments based by engaging in deliberate and malicious criminal and fraudulent judicial conduct in US and state courts. This  is possible with the cooperation of the bar associations, and tacit approval of federal and state prosecutors, and legislatures.

This judicial fabrication of rules is exactly how the anti-Federalist Papers, anti-Constitution, anti-rule of law, and anti-canon of truth and reason have developed.

 IJC was created by Manuel P. Asensio who discovered the political rule that families, parents and children have no right to access federal courts to protect their constitutional liberties under in US court against corrupt state bar associations, state judges and state politicians.

IJC  an organization dedicated to permanently closing off the opportunity for the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the US to use his control of the Judicial Conference of the US (Conference), and the administration of the  Judicial Conduct Act of 1980 to illegally fabricate policy, lobby Congress, and use the federal courts to execute fabricate fraudulent processes and orders to coerce Americans into submission to these fabricated policies.

The Domestic Relations and Violence Exception (DRE) to federal justice is the best example of an illegally fabricated a policy that is being used to coerce American into relinquishing their freedom. The DRE is the policy that led IJC to discover how Roberts fabricates and operates these policy schemes, and how he covers-it-up with fraudulent judicial conduct and by lobbying in Congress.

Taken as a hole, the DRE can be considered one of the greatest crimes ever committed by a justice against a people protected by a Declaration of Independence, a collection of governing doctrines in the federalist papers, a Constitution and a Bill of  Rights. It is a crime against the most modern, most developed democratically elected constitutional government.  Judges are not suppose to have any legislative much less executive power. However, this is exactly what Roberts has fabricated for himself. 

Now we must hold Roberts accountable.  We must demand that Roberts to resign. We must call on the media and our representatives in our villages, towns, counties, states, and in Washington, DC. to demand action so no such thing can ever happen in America again. 

Roberts to engage in the fabrication of any so-called policy, doctrine, dicta or rule, or create any understandings or agreements among the federal judges to justify violating the rule of law, the canons of truth and reasoning, engaging in lawbreaking in US Courts. To end the judicial fabrications policies created to govern Americans through illegal coercion without legitimate process or state purpose. 

IJC has captured e. Not only has Roberts been apprehended engaging in illegal policy making and fabricating illegal policies, Roberts has been captured interfering with US District and Conference proceedings to cover up lawbreaking.

Roberts’s policy making was discovered in that DRE case in New York State.  The DRE case seeks to abrogate what the federal judge call a domestic relations [and domestic violence] exception [DRE] to federal subject matter jurisdiction” and the federal judges’ fabrication of a false claim that the DRE is a  “legitimate judicial doctrine of deference to federalism in family law.”  The DRE case addresses a judicial corruption. It addresses exactly what Barr has defined as the leftist’s “monstrous government conduct.” This include the manufacturing of knowingly false criminal charges, fees, and other financial and emotional burdens, to coerce Americans into accepting leftist political ideology.

I founded IJC in 2016. I am an investment professional known as the Pioneer of Information Arbitrage. On May 15, 2014, I commenced an investigation in the source of judicial and government corruption New York State that I witnessed and experienced. I had discovered and categorically identified the way  New York State organized its judicial fraud. I identified over 120 senior state officials that designed, organized and operated New York State’s fraudulent family law processes or systems. 

I promise you that we are fighting the federal judges, the members of the state and federal bar associations, the associations themselves, law school academics, and the judicial policy organization that oppose the Judaeo-Christian values, principles and beliefs that framed and established America, and that exist and are incorporated into the Founding Father’s Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and its Bill of Rights.

I promise you that we will work so that Americans’ come to know,  understand and “Remember the DRE” as emblem of the truth that federal judicial corruption does exist. That Americans do not have to tolerate judicial gamesmanship at all with their freedom and liberty under the Constitution.   That American can challenge federal judges directly using the Judicial Conduct Act. That Americans do not need to suffer the suffering and chaos created by federal judicial dishonest, unreasonable and corrupt conduct. And above all, that no American family, man, woman or child will ever again suffer the pain of learning that the federal judges have abolished their individual right to seek relief and redress in US courts from state government corruption.

On behalf of the IJC, my daughter, Eva Asensio, thank you for visiting and God Bless America.

Your truly,

Manuel P. Asensio