Dear Visitor:

Here’s the skinny.  John G. Roberts, Jr. is doing dirty deals with your property, constitutional and legal rights, and freedom. What he is doing is TOTALLY ILLEGAL at the highest level imaginable.  Its called treasonous.  These are the deliberate and malicious cancelation of the most important laws in the Constitution. How is Roberts getting away with it? Three reasons.

First, because you are not a member of a congressional committe charged with regulating federal judicial corruption, you are not the US Attorneys General appointed by the president to run the Department of Justice that is charged regulating the federal judicial corruption, and you are not the president.

Second, you are not a politician, lawyer or judge and the more dishonest, the more unrealistic and unreasonable the judge the more power the politicians control and the more money the lawyers make.   Because no one‘s punishing the judges for being dishonest at the state or federal level they can hide their dishonesty by “canceling” any fact, factor, or circumstance they want to cancel, and cancel any law specially laws about being fair and civil, and honest and reasonable, and effective.

Third, because you are none of you are not paying any attention.  You are too busy living your life, and making a living, while Roberts is destroying everything you love and care for.

Yes. Democratic and Republican presidents and US attorneys generals have historically protect Roberts.  And so have the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties especially the leaders of the congressional committees on the federal judiciary and Constitution.

Oh, by the way, the legal scholars and the nation’s law and judiciary policy organizations all know about Roberts. Their work is here for you to read.  They write about Roberts being as  corrupt as the day is long. They call the notion the Roberts’s policymaking is not corrupt “political non-sense” and “absurd.”  In the DRE case, the occupants of Ivory  Towers have created enough evidence to impeach and convict Roberts for  deliberately and malicious, knowingly and willfully, hurting you and covering it up with his own judges.

The DRE is an abbreviation I created as way to refer to Roberts’s biggest crime, a nationwide ban to keep you out of federal court so the state’s can do whatever they want with you.  If you want, here is The Long-Winded Hoity-Toity Version of About Us.

Oh, another by the way, neither the conservative nor liberal media companies, the far left or far right, the multi-nationals or the alternatives press, none of them are going to do your job. Why? Because the bosses are people just like Roberts, and the politicians that are protecting Roberts. I know you are too busy living your life, but  if you do not join the #DRE and #itsroberts movement you won’t have a country or life for long!  Its no joke, if you want you can become an expert by reading all about it right here, every part of it is here.

I fled Communist Cuba on May 15, 1961, two week after President John F. Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs Fiasco, and Communist Venezuela later in life. So I know Roberts.

Manuel P. Asensio

Founder and President

Institute of Judicial Conduct