Welcome to the Institute of Judicial Conduct, Inc.’s (IJC) official webpage. IJC is the nation’s only independent authority on judicial conduct. It is focused on making Americans aware of the power granted to them under the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980 (Judicial Conduct Act). This law was created is for the sole and explicitly of empowering Americans to speak truth to power. To challenge any federal judge or group of federal judges who betray the Constitution through deceitful and malicious prejudicial conduct.

Unfortunately, the US chief justice controls of the US Judicial Conference, which is the agency that administers the Judicial Conduct Act.   It is at the US Judicial Conference where all the horse trading of American rights and liberties, and protections of these, occurs.  Here is were the political non-sense and absurdities  of Communist and Socialist notions are privately used to govern Americans without an iota of notice or authority. The very body charged with seeing to it that the American people’s right to regulate judicial conduct is a real and present deterrent of federal judicial corruption has been converted to the arch enemy of the American Constitution.

In fact, the chief justice not only controls the US Judicial Conference as an executive but the Administrative Office of the US Courts, the Federal Judiciary Center, the Federal Judiciary Center Foundation, and the Supreme Court Fellows Commission. These positions provide the chief justice with the opportunity to illegitimately rule Americans. It is here where judicial conduct that cancels reasoning, relevant facts, factors, and circumstances is authorized.  Here is where judges cancel your unassailable rights.  This is the repulsive unconstitutional federal judicial conduct is being used to coerce Americans into subscribing to communistic, socialist, and Marxist values and ideologies. This can only be done by destroying the Constitution’s most fundamental axioms, values and principles: the doctrines of separation of powers and separation of church and state. These are enshrined in the Continental Congress’s revolutionary proceedings, the Declaration of Independence borne out of this Congress, and the Federalist Papers, Our Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

The IJC’s investigations show how Roberts uses his executive control over judicial conduct to enforce fabricated policies on Americans. One of these is IJC’s investigations into Roberts’s conduct in the DRE cases proves Roberts. This investigation reveals Roberts’s violations of Title 28 USC Chapter 16 §§§ 354, 355 and 359 (a); §455(b) (iii); and §2072(b); Canon 3(C) (1) (d) (i) and (iii) of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges; and Judicial Conference’s Advisory Opinion No. 103 of its Committee on Codes of Conduct. The violations are addressed in an action at the US Judicial Conference.

Religion is the origins of family ethics, values, principles, and morals, not government. The DRE case draws the line between matters that can never by legislated or governed by judges and lawyers, at all no matter what process is provided because the matters cannot be governed by neutral principles or codified charges.