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Form a group and send us a request for a conference call where your group can ask Institute of Judicial Conduct’s Founder, Manuel P. Asensio, any questions you have about how the Judicial Conduct Act grants enormous power to all Americans over the federal judges.  This includes in U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan’s conduct in General Michael T. Flynn, the former United States National Security Advisor.

The judges are questioning whether Sullivan as a right to “to do some thinking about it, right? The judge is not simply a rubber stamp,” The answer it NO.  Sullivan was ORDERED to dismiss the case by the highest US Court of Appeals in the American.  He failed to comply. THE SULLIVAN MATTER IS STRICTLY A MATTER OF JUDICIAL CONDUCT AS IS THE DRE–THE DOMESTIC RELATIONS AND VIOLENCE EXCEPTION.

Manuel P. Asensio – Professional Biography

Pioneer of Information Arbitrage